Advantages of Analog Online Mastering

Online mastering has been a choice by most nowadays but the most preferred method is analog mastering. There are a lot of cost-effective online mastering studios available on the internet and most of them offer digital mastering. Why is analog mastering the first choice?

Most professional musicians still prefer to have an analog mastering as there are characteristics which set it apart from digital mastering. Not that digital mastering is not as good but most people chooses the warmth that analog masters produce rather than sharply contrasted tracks of digital mastering. Here are a few of the reasons why analog mastering continues to be a choice for most.

  1. Creates A Character Sound

We always hear that analog mastering creates more warmth and softer edges on the tone. The reason behind this is that high-end analog equipment has electrical energy passing through it. These fluctuations create energy (that can be calculated) causing the mastered recording to have a distinct sound. In addition, the circuits of high-end equipment create a small but distinguished character.

  1. Noise Cleanup

Analog to Digital/Digital to Analog converters are one of the most important pieces of equipment that add character to your recorded audio. This analog mastering equipment can help you clean up the sound that is coming from your digital recording. A good high-end AD/DA Converters can surely help in minimizing the noise that saturates the overall quality of the audio. Having a good converter will definitely help you get high-quality sound after the mix. Getting a cheap converter can just create a cruddy sound that is eventually passed on to your analog compressor will just give you a cruddy result.

Some AD/DA Converters are very expensive and may not be reasonable. Unless you spend a lot of time doing mixing and conversions, this may not prove to be a good investment.(read more here:

  1. The Feel of Abstract

The recordings produced by analog mastering creates that distinct abstract sound rather than a sharp and perfect sound a digital master creates. The perfect sound can often lead to a dull feeling when listening to the song over and over again. This is where abstract takes advantage. With analog, there is non-linear and distortion of sounds that add to that character of the audio recording. If you prefer a perfect sound without any flaws, then digital is the way to go. However, it is the flaws that often get the people continually interested with something because of its unpredictability.

  1. Analogue Creates Personality

Although digital has their own personality in the music, analog has the personality that engineers tend to have with each song they mastered. With analog gear, you are using your hands to make the changes compared to clicking buttons to produce a better version of the recording. There will always be something about that hands-on approach that engineers will always prefer. Having that feeling of being able to manipulate the masterpiece they are working on allows them to pass on the personality they have. This may be the reason why some people are able to relate a mastered audio to a specific engineer.